Terms and Conditions

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These Terms & Conditions outline the basic responsibilities for a user or visitor of this website:
The terms and conditions include the following provisions:

  • All the Copy-write of the services provided and the FAQ on the website do not conform or promise anything. It is for basic understanding, The actual treatment procedure may vary from person to person.
  • For any detailed and correct information about the treatment please visit the clinic booking an appointment, and talk to your dentist.
  • The website is a copyright of hale dentistry.
  • Copying or using any of the contents such as image, or video, or Copywrite from the website would be considered illegal and will have to face the consequences for the same.
  • The collected data and information through forms will be kept safe with us and will not be shared with any other external parties.
  • If you intend to fill out the form that means you are willing to be contacted using that contact information so we would use the same to contact you against your enquiries.
  • And the same contact information will be used to inform you of our new features or facilities introduced in our clinic or any sub-brands as such related to our clinic.
  • Photos captured during the treatment procedure by us or provided by you separately or on reviews will be used for a case study purpose in the documentation and on the website for the marketing purpose without revealing your identity. If you are wishing to opt-out for privacy reasons you can always contact us and we would definitely consider taking the required action because we respect each individual’s privacy.
  • Using the media content or copyrighted content of the website
    “ “for any purpose without prior permission is a serious offense.